Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I was rewarded for pulling up spent wild geraniums in the shade garden with the discovery of this miniature arboretum in the crevice of my giant Sum and Substance. I've read about small scale gardening, but I didn't know I was actually doing it! On the other hand, I am sobered by the fact that these green wonders are probably infant box elders, or--egads!--buckthorns! Still, my heart beats just a little bit faster at the thought of nature's creative use of space, as well as her ability to speed into action. After all, I have dahlia bulbs just now coming out of the ground, and here she is, sprouting trees. How big will this garden grow? I picture the hosta leaf pinned to the soil, punctured by tree roots. Then I get real, and picture the thunderstorm scheduled for later today that will wash this tiny forest into oblivion. Thank you, wild geraniums, for getting me deep into the garden at just the right moment.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Iris time. In Minnesota, iris time is never a long time, and this year's was especially short thanks to a 2" rain. Part of what makes irises so irresistible is their delicate nature. Unfortunately, that also accounts for their short bloom cycle. One thunderstorm and they are either knocked down or soaked into slimy blobs--colorful slimy blobs, but still... I've had my issues with irises over the years, particularly with quack in irises, yet for this rush of color on a few days in June, I'm willing to make some sacrifices. And I'm already looking forward to iris time 2012.