Monday, July 30, 2012

Cowboy in the Garden

Who is this unknown creature hulking over the Siberians? I'm not saying anything except to quote an old saying: The best light for plants is the gardener's shadow.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oxalis Revisited

After weeks of drought when it was too dry to pull weeds in the garden, and a couple of days of rain after which it was too wet to pull weeds, I finally got deep into the garden yesterday. Wow. I never knew oxalis could could grow in such abundance. Well, maybe I had, yet I tended to leave it in place because a) it didn't really seem like a bad weed to me because it is kind of pretty, and b) during the dry weather I thought it might actually help shade the roots of other plants. Whether it did, or whether it actually sucked water away from them I cannot say, but whatever the case, all flowers and weeds seem to have come through the drought reasonably well. Nevertheless, yesterday was the day to rip out oxalis. I felt a little ungrateful. And now I am hoping that the drought does not return until all of the little oxalis plants I missed can grow big again.