Friday, July 29, 2011

Time Clock

These lilies arrived, in full bloom, exactly a year ago in a perennial garden arrangement sent in memory of my mother-in-law. Three hundred sixty-five days later, they are a magnificent reminder of her, of her garden, and of the life-giving force of the gardens and people we love. I'm so glad they punched in.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Slugless Summer

For the past two or three years, my hostas have been made into slug salad by this time in the summer. No using a beautiful, big "Sum and Substance" leaf in my July 2010 arrange- ments. This year: hardly a slug hole--whole bouquets of luscious leaves. Did the long but not-so cold winter slow up the slugs? Does it have to do with this summer's conditions (hot and wet? seems like that would be perfect for slug growth, right?) According to the University of Minnesota Extension office, "in Minnesota, slugs usually hatch during spring or early summer. Depending on conditions, slugs may lay eggs throughout the summer. Warm, dry conditions are less favorable to them." Soooo, maybe hot and wet is just as good as hot and dry? I don't know--but I don't dare crow yet. We have at least two more good growing months during which many unfortunate events can occur. Still, I'm enjoying the lazy elegance of giant hostas this July--and keeping a slug vigil, just in case.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Why climb a trellis when there's a Miss Kim lilac handy? Clematises are famous for enjoying the company of nearby shrubs, and the shrubs usually don't seem to mind. The social climbing, however, may also be a sign that the clematis is wishing for a sunnier spot. I fear another clematis dig may be in my future. Wow--how light changes in a garden from one year to the next!